Cheap Airport Lounges

Looking for the most relaxing start to your holiday? If so you need an airport lounge. Why spend three hours in the departures terminal building, excited children running around and those uncomfortable seats when you could be sitting back with complimentary drinks and snacks, relaxing, maybe watching a bit of tv.

With an airport lounges available from just £13.50, everyone can enjoy the VIP experience and take advantage of the relaxed atmosphere provided. Here at can you save a few pounds as well with our discounted airport lounge offers, great value we are sure you will all agree.

Airport Lounges for the Leisure Traveler

Many travellers think that airport lounges are just for business men and women travelling on company expenses, but not anymore. Lounges have become popular with parents looking to entertain children whilst waiting for their flight with many offering entertainment for children such as Nintendo Wiis. In fact airport lounges are now being created with families in mind, its certainly a great way to keep the children entertained whilst in the departures terminal.

Airport lounges for the Business Traveler

Lounges were originally for the business traveler and they still offer a number of business facilities such as wifi, faxes, tables and desks in quiet surroundings. You will see a number of businessmen and women in the lounges working away before their flight to that international meeting, its what lounges originally catered for.

Airport Lounges

What are Airport Lounges airport lounges

An airport lounge offers a nice, relaxing environment to enjoy before a flight, rather then being in the departures hall. Many include snacks and drinks in the price.

Remember, lounges only accept a certain number of people so it is important you pre-book in advance.

Feel like a VIP!

Enjoy a quiet and relaxed start to your holiday. suitcase

Lay back and relax in a quiet atmosphere before your flight whether you looking to make use of either the leisure or business facilities offered.

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